Repicci's Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Panhandle

Repicci’s of the Panhandle provides the Destin area residents with reliable frozen treat catering.  

Our mobile food truck catering trailer is stocked with creamy Italian ice, gelato and sorbetto with flavors to please everyone.

We love bringing smiles to our customers’ faces while we dish up our treats at events ranging from  sporting events to birthday parties to corporate picnics.  Our catering  covers events in Destin and the surrounding areas.

We offer our customers easy access to our delicious products with our store front location as well as mobile catering options.

We believe we serve the best tasting Italian ice, gelato and sorbetto available in the country.

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Repicci's Real Italian Ice & Gelato
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A high tech branded italian ice truck branded with Repicci's product and logos.

Our food truck catering option is perfect for catering frozen desserts for any events.  We love sweetening up everything from a company event to a sporting event to an HOA block party.

Products We Cater

Repicci’s offers a full line of frozen treats and hot drinks on our catering menu.  We can mix and match or create specialized options for your event.

A trio of tasty Gelato cups.
Repicci’s Real Italian Ice is a scoop-able, velvety-smooth frozen ice dessert enhanced with natural fruit flavors.  It’s a dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free naturally delicious treat.  We also have  sugar-free options available.
Flavours include: Mango, Piña Colada, Lemon, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Rainbow.
Repicci’s gelato is rich and creamy, like heaven on a spoon.  With the smooth custard texture and deep flavors, gelato is sure to please even the most sophisticated tastes.  Many of our flavors are gluten-free.
Flavours include: Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Caramel Sea Salt, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Coconut.
Repicci’s sorbetto gives you the vibrant flavors and goodness of real fruit in a light, creamy scoopable treat.  For the health minded or those who prefer no added sugars, sorbetto is the way to go.  Sorbetto is dairy-free and gluten-free.
Flavours include: Limoncello, Mango, Strawberry
Gelati brings together the best of both Italian ice and Gelato by combining 1 scoop of Italian ice with 1 scoop of gelato.  The resulting delicacy is both creamy and fruity.  Creating your own combination of Italian ice and gelato gives you the possibility of finding the next awesome flavor burst.
Some of our favorite gelati combinations include: Green Apple Caramel (Green Apple Italian ice with Caramel gelato), Hawaiian (Mango Italian ice with Coconut gelato), Chocoberry (Strawberry Italian ice with Chocolate gelato), Mangonilla (Mango Italian ice with Vanilla Bean gelato).
Experience the deep, rich flavor of Italian coffee brewed to perfection. Perfect both hot or as an iced coffee treat.
Or make your coffee into an affogato with a scoop of creamy gelato.  Vanilla bean, chocolate, caramel and coconut are all awesome options.
Enjoy light, refreshing tea in peach and lemon flavors.  If you’re looking for a delicate flavor, this is the perfect way to savor the moment.  Our teas are available as hot tea or iced tea.

Our rich creamy hot chocolate is great paired with popcorn and pastries or enjoyed on its own.  If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in creaminess, add in a scoop of gelato.
A high tech branded italian ice truck branded with Repicci's product and logos.
Where We Cater

We cater both private and public events.  Common catering venues in the Destin, FL area:

Corporate Events like company picnics, Employee Appreciation Day, and Christmas parties ⇢ Learn More
Private Events such as engagement parties, birthday parties, celebration dinners, graduations ⇢ Learn More
Private Community Events including HOA block parties, grand openings, Day Care or After School treats, Tenant ⇢ Learn More
Public Events like sporting events, school events, car shows, fairs, festivals, and market days ⇢ Learn More

You can invite us to your own event or tell us about a community event where folks would enjoy some Italian ice and gelato treats.  We love hearing from our customers.