Find a Repicci’s Location Near You

Event Booking

Are you interested in booking a Repicci’s food truck for your business or special event? There is no occasion too big or too small to be a fit. You can book us for festivals, fairs, reunions, sporting events, weddings, 5Ks, company picnics and so much more—anywhere you would like to be delighted by delicious Italian ice and gelato. Book a Repicci’s truck in your area to enjoy Real Italian, one-of-a-kind, artisan products.

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Open a Repicci’s Franchise

Repicci’s is one of the best food trucks to own. From quality products to quality equipment, we’ve got the other shaved ice trucks snowed. Multiple franchising opportunities are available throughout the United States. Check with us about your individual area.

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Don't see a Repicci's in your Area?

Have you been searching for the perfect catering option for your events, only to find that there's no Repicci's Italian Ice & Gelato franchise near you? We understand your disappointment, but we have some exciting news: You can bring the delightful taste of Repicci's to your area! Here are a few great reasons why you should consider starting a Repicci's franchise in your community.

When you start a Repicci's franchise, you're not just opening a business; you're joining a family with a proven business model. Repicci's has a track record of success, providing franchisees with the support and resources needed to thrive. From initial training to ongoing assistance, you'll have everything you need to build a successful and profitable franchise.

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